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Our Product Offerings

Cryptocurrency Data

We bring you accurate pricing and market data of 2,000+ digital assets tracked from 200+ Cryptocurrency exchanges globally.

Cryptocurrency News

We curate and provide news from almost all crypto news publications on the web so that you always make informed decisions in the market.

Prediction Marketplace

CoinMarketFeed facilitates the buying and selling of crypto trading strategies through the prediction marketplace.

Crypto Consultation

On our platform, you can book a quick consultation session with the world’s top traders and learn from their experiences.

Smart Portfolio

Through our Smart Portfolio Fund, we help every user invest in cryptocurrencies without getting into the technicalities of it.

Crypto QuizTM

Crypto Quiz is World’s first Crypto Social Contesting Network designed to encourage mass crypto adoption through infotainment.

We are World's Crypto Epicentre

Our Mission & Vision

With CoinMarketFeed, we are destined to make crypto investment everyone’s cup of tea.

Accessibility & Accountability

We provide comparable access to leading data providers under one roof so that users are not deceived by the vested interests of any particular providers.

Transparency & Traceability

Users can trace every piece of content published on CoinMarketFeed to its origin. This would ensure that we do not enforce our judgment and maintain the highest level of transparency in our approach.

A shared economy

At CoinMarketFeed, every content creator and trader benefits from our shared economy model. We want to make it an ecosystem where everybody grows together

About us

Founded in 2018 by a team of crypto visionaries, CoinMarketFeed is a rapidly growing community of thousands of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts sharing their crypto and blockchain knowledge with the community. Ever since our inception we have been proudly a bootstrapped company with zero external investment.

Kuldeep Singh

Founder & CEO

Kuldeep has over a decade of experience in sales and marketing, which he garnered while working with top global organizations such as Dish Network, Solitran Inc and Worldpay Inc.He bought his first chunk of Bitcoin in 2015.

Sukant Kalpande

Co-founder & Tech Lead

Sukant is a youth technological leader with more than 5 years of experience in software development. With a vast experience in project development life cycle, he has the ability to develop microservices architecture from scratch.

Vinod Prahlad

Co-founder & CMO

Vinod is a Product and Marketing Specialist having an experience of more than six years under his collar. During his time working with startups and small-sized enterprises, he formulated and executed marketing campaigns.

Vijay Kumar

Lead Developer

Vijay is an experienced Frontend Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Angular, HTML, CSS, SASS, JQuery, JavaScript and Core Java.

Coinmarketfeed Token (CMF)

We have successfully developed the CoinMarketFeed platform and our next priority is to create a shared economy for it. On our platform, we aim to reward both content creators and content consumers. We will achieve this through the CoinMarketFeed (CMF) token that would incentivize our ecosystem.

CoinMarketFeed Pro

Users can maintain a monthly average balance of 5,000 CMF tokens to enjoy free access to Coinmarkefeed Pro and stay ahead in the race.

Advertisement Fee

Advertisers on our platform can enjoy an instant 25% top-up bonus if they pay the advertisement fee in Coinmarketfeed tokens.

Prediction Marketplace

Expert traders can stake CMF tokens for their prediction as a sign of their confidence and accountability towards it. Other traders would then find it easy to buy those predictions.

Consulting Fee

Aspiring or new traders can enjoy a 10% discount by paying in CMF tokens for investment consultancy sessions with top crypto traders globally.

Smart Portfolio

Investors who invest in Smart Portfolio fund can enjoy zero order fees and discounted fees on the generated profit if they pay in CoinMarketFeed tokens.

Crypto Quiztm

Users who maintain a daily average balance of more than 500 CMF tokens can increase their daily Crypto Quiz play limit by up to five times from the standard limit.

Token Economics

CoinMarketFeed has a fixed supply of 1,000,000,000 (One billion) CMF tokens. Only 50,000,000 (50 million) CMF tokens — 5% of total supply — have been allocated for the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) Sale. As we believe that its rather more viable to raise funds in different stages keeping in mind a project’s growth and accomplishments than to raise a lifetime’s funding in the early days.

Token Ticker


Token Type


Token Category


Token Price


Max Token Supply


Token for Sale


Token Allocation

User Reward Pool 55.00%

Company Reserve 25.00%

Founders & Team 15.00%

Token for Sale 5.00%

Use of Proceeds

Marketing & User Acquisition 50.00%

Product Advancement 30.00%

Operations 15.00%

Partnership & Legal 5.00%


"If you have nothing to hide, there is no reason not to be transparent." Below are the wallet addresses with the funds allocated for different use cases. For the highest level of transparency, we have tagged each wallet address with Etherscan.io


Wallet Address

Token Balance

Explorer Link

User Reward Pool*


550,000,000 CMF

Company Reserve**


250,000,000 CMF

Founders & Team***


150,000,000 CMF

Token for Sale


50,000,000 CMF

* User Reward Pool is excluded from the circulating supply and shall only be used to reward content creator and content consumer.

** Company Reserve funds are intended to be used for future fund raising from the institutional Investors and are excluded from circulating supply.

*** Founders & Team tokens are vested for 12 Months, Post vesting period (10%) Tokens will be released each Quarter.